[2020/2/1 Update]
-The AR App will not be updated until it becomes safer for frequent travel. Instead, you an see the newest messages in the Virtual Sinsa station now.
-Message submissions are always open︎


강     남



Gangnam Makeover is an online participatory augmented reality project.

With your participation, Gangnam Makeover aims to makeover Sinsa station from a space that propagates a narrow definition of beauty into a space of solidarity where women can share, imagine and establish our own ideas of beauty.

 1  Messages are collected through an online form and Twitter hashtag. These messages are automatically archived in the official Gangnam Makeover Twitter feed.

 2  Messages filtered from the archive are displayed over cosmetic surgery advertisements at the Sinsa subway station via mobile AR apps.*

*Starting February 1, 2021, AR App updates will temporarily stop until the COVID situaion becomes better. New messages will be shown in Virtual Sinsa intead.